progetto PININ alla conferenza I-CiTies 2019

iCities, V conferenza nazionale su smart cities organizzata dal CINI – Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per l’Informatica
18-20 settembre 2019, Pisa

A smart city is a vision where key ICT technologies are seamlessly integrated to meet the real and priority needs of its population by enhancing the quality of the urban services while lowering overall costs. The offered services have to be context-dependent and have to be designed in accordance with the specific objectives of the city for which they are intended. Smart city solutions have to be multi-disciplinary, blending together socio, cultural, and technical aspects altogether.

The conference, at its fifth edition, is an opportunity for people from academia, industries, and public institutions to meet and define new collaborations in the perspective of forthcoming national or international project calls. In this respect, it is not intended to disseminate theoretical scientific activities. Instead, its main goal is to present available innovative solutions and active research projects, as well as novel ideas for new project proposals. We expect contributions in all the fields related to ICT-based solutions for smart cities and communities.